Half Moon Investigations

Hello and welcome back to Inklings. It’s been a pretty wild few weeks, hence the blogging delay.  So,without further ado, here is the Half Moon review.   <Beware! Spoilers ahead! If you don’t want spoilers, please continue  until you see these <> things again. :)>

Half Moon Investigations follows FletcherMoon, twelve-year-old private investigator. Seriously, he’s got the badge to prove it and has certified online training.  His investigations lead him to uncover the twisted workings of his hometown when he gets a job from one of the pink “Barbies” in his class. He discovers the unknown merits of the Sharkey local crime family and the IRA/Black Panther-esque feminist revolution of middle school girls, determined to rid their school of pesky boys.

This was probably the most unexpected twist in the book, and I have to say I loved it. It was disturbing in an enjoyable way. The girls were pretty scary with their rapid changes from pink to black and sweet to militant. The determination for education and power reflect much of the feminist movement, even though their methods are not, shall we say, conventional? Most feminists wouldn’t use this approach, but it does play off a common misconceived stereotype- and it was hilarious in shock value. I love adolescent and independent reader material that approaches sociological issues, in whatever way, and this delivered. I was incredulous the entire time.

<End spoilers>

Half Moon has a number of great themes for readers, and is overall entertaining. Means to an end and self-sufficiency are priorities for Fletcher Moon, as he learns to weigh his options in the detective tradition. Students reading this will enjoy the revelations that things- and people- are not always what they seem, no matter how mean or perfect they may seem to be. The personal challenges are real, even if the case is not.

Colfer’s use of the gumshoe detective voice is very funny juxtaposed with a dead serious seventh grader. His observation and description illustrates lots of fun, vivid characters. The adults in this book are abysmally clueless, which adds to the hilarity. Maybe they’re exaggerated, but consider the source: a 12 year-old. Pitch perfect.

As for the plot, the solution may be a little predictable for the avid mystery reader, but the pace, characters, twists, and humor more than make up for it.

Quotability: I love quotations, and a quotable book is always welcome. This book had several quotable moments and lines that made me laugh out loud of find myself nodding. This book is moderately quotable.

Final assessment: Entertaining, fun, good characters, and a quick, accessible read, appropriate for the independent reader ages and up. The young at heart will be pleased.

Inkling approved.

Half Moon Investigations by Eoin Colfer; published by Miramax, 2006 (UK); also available on audio

Genre: Detective fiction, Mystery, Independent Reader, humor

Also, a TV series on CBBC

Review soon to come: Everlost, by Neil Shusterman



  1. Sounds like an interesting read. Is it part of a series, or a stand-alone book?

    • It’s stand alone for now. There are rumors about a sequel, but nothing definitive that I can find yet. I will post if I find a sequel.

      Eoin Colfer is better know as the author of the Artemis Fowl series, which does have a brief reference in this book. Thanks for the comment!

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