Pavlov, Eat Your Heart Out

Most writers will probably tell you that they have ways of becoming inspired, be it music, lighting, or location.  I discovered early in my writing experience that I am inspired by water- in any form. I first noticed this when I came up with all of my best ideas in the bath. Later, I also got ideas from showers and swimming. Why is this? I have no idea. Knowing why something inspires you is probably not nearly as important as knowing that it does.

My most interesting observation in this subject of late came from working at an internship for school. Part of the week, I stay in a dorm where the hot water takes a long time to become, well, hot. Now, I run the shower for a long time- sometimes more than twenty or thirty minutes before actually taking my shower to have warm water.  During this process, I discovered that lo and behold, all I need for inspiration is to run the shower.  Actually being in the shower is no longer necessary for inspiration (although still a crucial element in hygiene).

My internal writer is thrilled by this development, because not having to have actual contact with water will make the ideas much easier to record as they are flowing (yeah, I made that pun, and I meant it- it’s Friday, people.), whereas I had to somehow file the thoughts in my not-so-dependable brain in order to get them to paper. Even better, this reiterates the fact that I really should move to a place near the water and take time to work out on the beach or something (Aruba, anyone?).

The psychologist in me (who is just as loud and obnoxious as the writer, if not more so) is terribly amused by this development, per today’s title. While the cause behind my reaction (inspiration for writing/ great ideas) to the stimulus (being in water) is still a great mystery, the reaction (inspiration) has generalized to a larger stimulus (water in general).  There you are, your review of Pavlovian Behaviorism for the day.

So, the question of the day: What inspires you?

Free life suggestion of the day: Go out and find that thing. How can you bring it into your home? Workplace? How can you derive some motivation from your personal “element” (acknowledging that it may or may not be a periodic or one of the earthly elements- fire, water, air, sun, etc.)?

Feel free to share your inspiration- this isn’t just a one-way blog. I can use some extra inspiration tips, anyway. I showed you mine, now show me yours.  If you want to.

Cheers and have a great weekend! I will have a reivew of the second Beka Cooper to you soon.


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