The Fickle Muse

If you’re a writer or know someone who is, this is not a new topic for you. You know exactly of whom I speak.

In case this term confuses you, the Fickle Muse is the elusive creativity creature. Generally, the FM is considered female, but I contest it has no particular gender, only a tantalizing nature and frustrating habit of appearing with a splendor of inspiration at the most inconvenient times. Then, when needed, the FM is nowhere to be found.

For this reason, writers can be seen working at three in the morning, arriving at their day jobs harried and exhausted, impatiently scribbling on a cocktail napkin or class notes in hopes their feeble reminders will stiumlate them later (which they rarely do), or halting conversations, sometimes in midsentence. If you are a friend of a writer, you may be familiar with the late/early (it’s all relative, right?) phone calls, abrupt conversation switches or endings, and random beginnings. For maintaining your friendships with your writer, I salute you. This cannot be an easy task.

The Fickle Muse always knows when best to come, and for me, it is almost always when I’m busiest with work. When my mind simply can’t spare the room and distraction of an idea, when time does not allow extraneous writing, the FM will strike quickly, and without warning. Sometimes, the Fickle Muse enjoys to interrupt writers in the middle of other work, a shower, or even wake their writer host from a peaceful sleep. I have witnessed and experienced this.

And yet, what would we do without our darling Muse? Pages of uninspired writing, mulling the same idea aimlessly for years would be for naught if the lightning of inspiration didn’t finally strike.

Writers have many methods for dealing with the Fickle Muse. Some carry laptops or notebooks. For me, I am lucky enough to have friends to help me remember. Sharing the idea often helps me remember it, and if I don’t, someone else knows. Even better, I have feedback and accountability, and there is nothing better for my desperate mind when the Muse strikes and I’m in no position to write.

Someday, I hope to find a place that will hold the fleeting thoughts that can strike at any moment- or even better, have the time to write at any given moment. Until then, I depend upon my helpful friends for their memory space and precious feedback. To you, I give my thanks now- even if I don’t always remember at the moment. Thanks for your patience with my flighty ideas, for the circular conversations that accompany them, and for the ideas you help me develop just by talking.

Cheers for now, Inklings, and all the best for a successful week.

P.S. I recently updated my blogroll- I recommend giving it a peek when you have time. There’s much blogging fun to be had and read.


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