Lessons Learned

I had eye surgery about a month ago, and I haven’t been able to do as much computer work. This killed me, because I had a few things to blog about and lost the ability. How frustrating!

That said, my first post-op blog is going to be about lessons in writing. I recently finished a short piece (not my usual) in a fanfic (not my usual) chicklit (still, not my usual, but might become more usual before long) and submitted it for a contest (now it’s time to star the calendar). I haven’t gotten a reply yet (obviously), but I already have learned lessons.

They’re pretty obvious: First, don’t write on the fly. Sometimes this works. Deadlines can help (I rejected them before, but the pressure can help), but waiting until the pressure is too “on” may not be wise.

Second, and much more importantly, don’t skip your proofreaders. I didn’t skip proofreading… I read it over and over and over and over like everyone does. I found a lot of things and fixed them. I’m talking about your proofreaders. If you don’t have one or two, get them. I have two very regular and several semi-regular. Because of the deadline (see Lesson 1), I just proofed it myself. Then they read it. They both found (different) large errors. Clear desk, apply head. Repeat step 2. Do I still foolishly hope? Naturally. It wouldn’t be the writing world if we didn’t foolishly hope against hope.

Thirdly, don’t write when you’re blind or having trouble seeing (unless you dictate). If you are having trouble with your vision, whether you dictate or not, emphasize Lesson 2.

So, back to the computer, the notebook, and the magic pen.


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